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Whole Beef Tenderloin

$10.99 Lb.


USDA Choice, Sold Whole Only. Versatile for so many solutions, browse our online recipes for great meal inspiration!

Weekly specials at Town & Country Supermarkets

A very lean cut of beef from the loin, the best way to cook beef tenderloin is two easy steps: sear first, then roast in the oven to finish for a crispy-browned exterior without drying it out. First, trim the Silverskin off the tenderloin if it has been left on (the thin, silver membrane). Run a knife just under the membrane and carefully slice it off. Cut the tenderloin in half to create two small roasts, making it easier to roast than a whole tenderloin. Tie each roast if preferred for even cooking. Season the surface of the tenderloin with a thin layer of coarse salt and pepper. Sear undisturbed in a hot skillet or pan over medium-high, approximately 3 minutes per side. Slather with a garlic, Dijon butter and transfer to a baking dish, then the oven to continue roasting. Roast at 430°F to the following doneness of your choice:

• Rare: 115°F – 120°F
• Medium-rare: 120°F – 125°F
• Medium: 130°F – 135°F
• Let it rest at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before slicing.